About Us

MCBL is the leading Laboratory in Molecular Biosciences in the University of Buea and Cameroon at large…

About the Molecular & Cell Biology Laboratory (MCBL)

The Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory (MCBL) is an ultra-modern Research Laboratory located in the premises of the Biotechnology Unit of the Faculty of Science, University of Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. MCBL is the leading Laboratory in Molecular Biosciences in the University of Buea and Cameroon at large.

Our Mission

The mission of the laboratory is to train Masters and PhD students, offer services to the local community as well as carry out research on the development of potential sensitive/specific diagnostics for, and protective tools against parasitic diseases. Prominent diseases on which the laboratory focuses are: filarial infections (Onchocerciasis & Schistosomiasis), Malaria, and African swine fever. In parallel, the laboratory carries out research on the identification and characterization of novel mosquito-borne viruses in Cameroon.

Our Team

These are the two main researchers in our team. We also have MSc and PhD students who are currently working on interesting research topics. See the Staff (Research Group) page for more information. 


Prof. Stephen Ghogomu

Lab Director and Head

Dr. Robert Shey


Dr. Francis Zeukeng


MCBL Key Features

We stand out for several reasons. Click on a heading to know more…

Exquisite Lab

Our lab has four sections, all of which are well-equipped with modern-day equipment.

Research Group

We have a plethora of MSc and PhD students working on interesting research topics.

Experienced Staff

Our team comprises renowned Scientists with enormous experience in their fields of expertise.

High Success Rate

Our alumni generally succeed and continue to carry out highly-esteemed research.

Ease of Access

Our Lab's setting is perfectly suited for anyone to locate it (Check our Contact page for details).

Amazing Publications

Our research is always focused on solving problems. We have a huge library of publications for reference.

People We Collaborate With

We collaborate with these institutions/labs and their personnel to advance Research and Development on Molecular and Cell Biology.